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How we Ingest.


Install agent probe.


Ingest data into
detailed reporting.


Deploy our catered and managed SOC.

See below our services.

Our team of cybersecurity professionals offer comprehensive security auditing and data analysis services to keep your data secure with actionable insights.

We provide a comprehensive suite of security services designed with active monitoring to protect against threats, detect anomalies, and respond...

Our story

"We ingest, enabling your best."

Ingest services has quickly developed and adapted to provide greater depth offerings in cybersecurity, approaching security from a holistic, ground-up focus, with deep roots in system maintenance, architecture, orchestration and administration.

Why Ingest services?

At Ingest services, we provide tailored cybersecurity solutions that focus on building the most comprehensive and up-to-date solutions, staying ahead of the ever-evolving cyber security landscape.


What sets us apart from others is that we are driven by our passion for cybersecurity and powered by security enthusiasts. This includes our founder who is still actively involved in our entire process. 

We care deeply about your security.

We ingest, enabling your best.

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